Idgie 'the Wildcat' MacVity

Friendly foodie and blog writer of 'Idgie the Cat'. Idgie is often in scrapes and adventures with her side-kick, Gizzy Whizzy who are both in the Kit Kat Gang.

Gizzy Whizzy

Gizzy Whizzy is Idgie's best friend. Gizzy is a small speedy dare-devil and an excellent mechanic and all round good-egg.

Jemmy Jim Jams

Jemmy is a tough Old English bunny with a quick brain for business, she is resourceful and respected. 'Godmother' to the Mudflinger kittens and Piglet Possy. Boss of the 'Kit Kat Gang'.

Tatty Mudflinger

Tatty is a farmer and has a large family of marmalade kittens with his wife Lavinia. Tatty is friendly and thrifty and a bit muddy, he's the inventor of the 'Tattie Schnappsie' rocket fuel. Tatty's barn is often a hive of activity and is a member of the 'Kit Kat Gang'.


Professor Atticus Catticus

Professor 'Atti' is a sweet, elderly inventor and astronomer. Atti is very smart and often gives good advice to the other members of the gang. The marmalade kittens enjoy his stories and unusual ways of explaining things. Member of the 'Kit Kat Gang'.

Angus "The Marmalade" Kitten

Tatty's and Lavinia's oldest kitten, he's a techno-whizz with technology and inquisitive. Jemmy Jim Jam's is his 'Godmother' and he's under her constant watch and protection. Wanna-be member of the 'Kit Kat Gang'.

Boo Boo Massou

Boo Boo Massou is the tribal and spiritual leader of the Moon Worshipping Bunnies at 'The Clumps'. Boo Boo is a healer and also runs the 'Bongo Bunny Communication Network'.

Deirdre 'The Goat'

Deirdre lives at Windy Ridge and runs the Jim Jams Casino and is particularly wiley with a set of playing cards. Together with her friend, Mystic Turkey they often visit Las Vegas to try their luck at roulette.

The Piglet Possy

Teenanger possy of piglets, very unruly at times and gives their parents Pertunia and Papa Pig the run around. When it gets too much, Jemmy has been known to 'step in'.

Katya Hoppenoff

Friend of the Kit Kat Gang, Katya is a dab-hand at flying planes, jumping out of them and an all-round dare devil.

Good friends with Jemmy Jim Jams.

Mama Morrello

Mama Morrello was the head of the Morrello Cherry Ice-Cream Empire but is now retired. Wiley and full of advice for Jemmy Jim Jams.

Sebby Coo-Coo

Sebby is the trusted racing pigeon that Jemmy Jim Jams often calls upon to share useful information to the 'Kit Kat Gang'. Sebby is quick and can perform death-defying manoeuvres  to out flap anyone.

'Er What Feeds Me

Feeds Idgie 'the wild cat' MacVity on a regular basis, all round good egg and friend of the Kit Kat Gang members.

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